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If you want a perfect lawn without the effort, a STIHL iMOW® robotic mower is what you need. By mowing little and often, your lawn will always look freshly cut with an iMOW®. It cuts the grass clippings finely and drops them back into the ground to act as a fertiliser so your lawn will look lusher over time too, without even lifting a finger!

Our 4 Series iMOW® robotic mowers are compact, easy to use and help you get a lush lawn with no effort.

You can programme the iMOW® to mow when you want it to and they are designed to mow your lawn in the shortest time possible so you can still use your garden whenever you want to. You don't even need to empty the grass box either - iMOW® is a mulching mower, which means that it shreds the grass clippings finely and drops them back onto the lawn to act as a nutrient-rich fertiliser.

The RMI 422 covers areas up to 800m² and gradients up to 35% and is the perfect model for small to medium-sized lawns. If your lawn is larger, take a look at the RMI 422 P, which can cover areas up to 1,500m² and gradients up to 40%. For the ultimate flexible mowing option, the RMI 422 PC is for you. This model can cover areas up to 1,700m² and gradients up to 40%, plus it also has app connectivity. Simply use the iMOW® app to set up or adjust the mower's settings in seconds. Using the app, you can change the mowing plan, read status messages and pause or start new mowing operations wherever you are.